On the occasion of Do Ya Feng’s newest collection and the corresponding release of our brand new Day Book featuring Sjeng Kessels, we figured it was the right time to throw a party. Not just a party, but a Do Ya Feng Party Party. That’s right, there’s an emphasis on extra party. The latest line of Do Ya Feng apparel consists of essential DYF basics, and the Day Book features far from basic photography by the talented Verena Blok.

To make sure we provide enough party to actually call this the Do Ya Feng Party Party, we’ve invited Bartek to come and play. A wide ranging selection of accompanying tunes will be provided by the likes of DJ friends Lelykle, Youri Alvites, Sony Ferrari and DJ Kutlul. Admission is free of charge!

– TIME: 22:00 – 03:00
– PLACE: Cinetol Amsterdam
– LIVE: Bartek
– DJ’s: Lelykle, Youri Alvites, Sony Ferrari, DJ Kutlul
– DAMAGE: None