When we launched our most recent Do Ya Feng Classics a couple of months ago, we instantly knew we didn’t want to present this new line of apparel in a generic way. We wanted to show these garments in a way that felt natural, not staged, and wouldn’t end up as your typical lookbook, in a way hundreds probably clog the internet every day.

The model needed to be just one kid, and to choose Sjeng Kessels for this was kind of a no brainer. We worked with him in a previous photo shoot, and from that moment on we knew he was fit for the job and a future DYF ambassador.

We asked Sjeng what a typical day in his life looked like, teamed up with the the young and gifted Verena Blok and hit the road. Verena’s pictures came out just as splendid as we expected, and we had a blast shooting Sjeng in his comfort zone, which happened to be a great setting for the photos, and we’re more than happy with the way the day books showing the DYF classics turned out


Still, we figured you might want to get this peculiar fellow a bit more, so we decided to speak to him in a way he gets spoken to more often. Perhaps a bit too often, since he just recently finished his high school finals. If that wasn’t enough, he also had to take a re-examination and an oral exam as well. Way to go, Sjeng!