DYF stands for Do Ya Feng. That name pretty much sums it all up. It’s a fairly simple philosophy explained in three words. But philosophies can be boring sometimes, and to be honest, there’s not much action involved. Apart from that, you can’t really wear a philosophy. That’s why I turned the whole philosophy thing into a clothing brand, to really mold that idea into a line of apparel that reflected my ideals. Above all to team up with likeminded people.

Do Ya Feng founder Colin Vlaar

My name is Colin Vlaar by the way, and this whole idea of only doing things I really like was born when I dropped out of school. I was fed up with a lot of stuff society told me to do – be a nine-to-five type of person, pursue an unsatisfying career, try to fit in. I decided to leave all that behind.
I grew up in a suburb of Amsterdam along with a bunch of bored skater kids with surfboards, cheap clothes and the world at our feet. It was fun nonetheless, but we didn’t settle for all of this. That will to grow independently, to keep on learning and to do business myself inspired me to start a brand of my own.

Now that part has been realized, yet I couldn’t have done it without relying on helpful friends and likeminded people. DYF doesn’t feel like my brand, it feels like ours, as long as your motivations are somewhere on that same wavelength. That vision is mainly about inspiring others to join our way of thinking, and turn it into a way of acting.

 For now, we hope to keep on improving the steady foundation we already built, one feng at a time.


Colin Vlaar
DYF Clothing
, Amsterdam